Outreach Ministries

ABC Outreach Programs

Future Care Nursing Home

Serves the Nursing Home and Rehabilitative Center across the street from the 9107 Pine View Lane. Pastor Latimore set aside this outreach primarily to be under the guidance of the women at Antioch and appointed the current coordinator. All women of the Church are encouraged to participate. Women may sing, pray, provide speeches, or contribute to the outreach in other ways of glorifying out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This outreach is designed to bring the “Church” Service to those residents living at the home. Suggestions are always welcome and new ideas to help bring a lost soul to Christ are always encouraged. Come, join us and see how you will be more than BLESSED.If you would like to share your gifts, please contact Deaconess Cato.

Meeting Times: 4th Sunday afternoon at 1:30 - 2:30pm

Please note: The Home requires proof of flu immunization for all employees and volunteers.

SHARE Food Network Program

Sells affordable, nutritious groceries to families each month through a volunteer-run location. Antioch Baptist Church of Clinton is proud to be one of many locations throughout the Washington metropolitan area supporting the SHARE Food Network Program.

Monthly value packages cost just $21 and include $40-$50 worth of basic and healthy groceries, typically made up of 4-5 pounds of frozen protein products, 1-3 grocery items, and 8-9 pounds of fresh produce. Anyone and everyone may buy as many SHARE packages as they'd like by registering through Antioch Baptist Church of Clinton. For more information, visit http://www.sharedc.org or contact Deaconess Cato.

Soul Winning Ministry

Description Coming Soon

Prison Ministry

Description Coming Soon

Central Union Mission Ministry

Serves the Central Union Mission located at 65 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001. The men of Antioch visit Central Union Mission monthly to share testimony, fellowship, and minister through song. For more information, contact Reverend Hill. FOr specific more information about Central Union Mission, visit http://www.missiondc.org

Meeting Times: 2nd Thursday of each month 6:30pm

Father Initiative

The Sunday evening “Father Initiative” is a community outreach program designed to motivate young men (through sports) to embrace positive lifestyles. Emphasis is put on the following:

Christian concepts
  1. Salvation
  2. Godly living
  3. Responsible fatherhood
Educational pursuits

Sports have steered many of the participants to complete high school and enroll in college. Some of our participants have gone on to play overseas sports with Peru, Spain, Portugal and other foreign countries. Some have returned to share their experiences.

Good Sportsmanship
We have stressed good sportsmanship experiencing only one fight during approximately ten years of operation. Note: Two of the fighters are now on scholarships in college this year.
Mutual respect for others

Some participants now volunteer to pray before each session realizing that everyone is required to form a circle. Participants borrow clothes, shoes or balls regularly to play.

Meeting Times: Held 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. every Sunday

Upward Basketball Program

The UPWARD Sports Program is a Christ-centered sports ministry that focuses upon building social skills within children, encouraging them to live like Jesus, and building basic foundational skills for various athletics.

Meeting Times: Annually September through December. Registration Begins Late Summer